Four keys to a secure, lifetime income

Our focus is on income tax reduction, zero-estate tax planning, asset protection and charitable giving. We specialize in providing four keys to a secure, lifetime income:

Reducing or eliminating taxes

Provident Legacy Financial, provides accurate strategies to reduce your tax burden, effectively cutting income tax bills by 50% for the majority of our clients and totally eliminate estate taxes.

Providing secure, tax-free income regardless of the stock market or economy

We work with you to set up a secure, predictable stream of income in retirement years

Based on our proven strategy this income is immune to stock market losses, inflation or interest rate fluctuations.

Protecting assets from lawsuits, liens, judgments  

We provide proven tax solutions while additionally protecting your assets from lawsuits, liens and judgements. We engage preemptive preparations for your income and assets by integrating a strategy that provides immunity against the unexpected.

Establishing lasting legacies for your family and/or favorite charities

With the peace of mind of a secure, lifetime income we focus on helping you make a significant difference in the lives of others by establishing legacies for your family and/or favorite charities.